The reason behind my drive

I have yet to invest the $96 because of other expenses that need to be taken care of, but as long as I’m willing to continue writing for my small audience and still learning the ropes of Pinterest I know in the long run I will succeed.

My story is the “typical” story tired of my 9-5, just want to be able to breathe and indulge in the things that I once did before becoming a slave to “the man.”

I work at a stressful mental hospital the staff return rate is “TERRIBLE!” people honestly the place needs to be shut down. Management sucks and I want to break free because I’m not happy. I try to be until something else comes along, but I can’t carry on like that.

Finally, I got this calling to start blogging and to take it serious this time, so I’m doing just that. I switch my Pinterest to a business account. I am an Amazon Affiliate and trying to become a ShareSale affiliate as well. I did Amazon KDP just did a test book to see how the setup is.

I’m constantly doing my research on blogging and affiliate marketing. I just want better and I deserve better.

Walmart Arts & Crafts

So, yesterday I was in Walmart shopping and a little window shopping when I come across the arts & crafts section of Walmart.

Now, don’t get me wrong I already knew that Walmart had a pretty good selection of arts & crafts; especially the one in Marianna, Fl that’s my go-to store anyways, but I was so hype to find Modge Podge there because I was told and through my own research Modge Podge could only be bought at Dollar Tree or online.

I can’t wait to get my hands on some Modge Podge and more beads amongst some other things. I didn’t realize I had this thing for creating, back in middle school and some of high school I use to do lanyards; which I was good at.

Plans for my blog

My plans for my blog is to make it more than just a blog. I’m actually trying to be devoted and learn the blogging world not trying to have a repeat of my first blog where I talked about my fur baby for a week or two and dropped the whole thing. I actually want to invest in myself and get some crafting tools like a Circut I’m thinking about their Cuttlebug since it portable and I’m just starting out. I eventually want to open up an Etsy shop and incorporate the shop with my blog.

I just want to eventually be able to have breathing room and not live paycheck to paycheck and leave my stressful job. I’m taking advantage of Pinterest and Amazon Affiliate and Amazon Self Publishing.

I finally realized that we live in a world of social media and you can brand yourself to the point that you can work for yourself but it does take work and you have to be willing to do that work.

I know it maybe a long shot but I’m willing to try just tired of letting my life pass me by I want to enjoy my life.